One of the specializations of our company is the professional development of web-applications. They are software products, interaction with which is carried out by means of the Internet browser on mobile devices.

Some basic information

Contrary to the popular belief, a web application is not a site. These are corporate portals, e-banking systems and other programs that have powerful functionality to attract mobile traffic and perform a wide range of business tasks.

Unlike traditional applications, web-based analogues do not require installation and are available on any mobile device with a browser and connected Internet.

An important advantage is also the possibility of synchronization with other programs and systems:

  • e-mail;
  • calendar;
  • trading programs;
  • document management programs and other corporate applications.

Capibara Studio: Development of Web-applications

How to create a good web application

Before starting to create, the specialists of ”…” study the requests of the target audience and find points of contact with the requirements of the customer. They develop a software product that is:

  • attractive and useful for the TA;
  • understandable and easy to use;
  • functional;
  • has high-quality content;
  • convenient for use by employees of the customer’s company;
  • Works faultlessly in all popular browsers and on screens of mobile devices with different resolutions.

But most importantly, web-applications made by Capibara Studio are always effective in achieving the business goals set by the customer.

We are ready to develop software products for a variety of tasks. We guarantee the shortest terms and error-free operation of applications. We will conduct a testing phase and offer additional services that will help your company cover the maximum of TA and will provide the basis of its growth.

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