SEO-optimization or search optimization is called activities aimed at increasing the position of the site in the list of search engines. In other words, if you want the search engines to offer links to your site on a topical query of the user, use SEO-optimization services.

Capibara Studio specializes in search optimization of sites. The experience of our specialists, as well as the proven effectiveness of the methods of promotion used, yields a consistently high result.

We affirm: regardless of the level of competition, your site will be in the TOP hits of the most popular search engines. Want a consultation free of charge? Call: (044) 228-0011.

Capibara Studio: SEO-Optimization

Why the position in the search engines is important for your business

Today no one will argue with the statement that the company without its own website can not grow and develop. This is a kind of representation of the company on the Internet and a powerful tool for its presentation to customers. And the search engine is the first thing a person seeks in the search for a product or service.

Therefore, the higher your site will be in the search result, the higher is the chance that a potential client will see your offer, will follow the link and become the actual client.

As for the positions in the search results, it is crucial to put the site on the first two pages: practice shows that users rarely use third and subsequent pages. It is not easy to do this, as competition in all areas is quite intense.

We propose to bring your site to the TOP quickly and on favourable terms.

What is important for the promotion

The promotion process includes:

  • definition of suitable keywords (phrases that users use in the search query);
  • filling the site with unique information that contains keywords (using them search robots determine that the content of your site matches the user’s request);
  • actions to improve the quality of work and content of the site;
  • work with headers and tags;
  • adaptation of the site for display on the screens of mobile devices;
  • its registration in catalogues and services;
  • close cooperation with social networks and blogs.

Why choose us:

  • for the professionalism and experience of each employee;
  • for responsibility and honesty;
  • for strict observance of the terms and conditions of the contract;
  • for attention to details and wishes of customers;
  • for consistently high results and adequate prices.

It’s never too late to be a leader. And your site will prove it!